OCT 15, 2018 - Alcohol-Free Living

Sobriety is My Superpower

by Teri Patterson, The Sober Nutritionist

In 2005 when the movie ‘The Incredibles’ hit theaters I went with my family to see it. Afterwards, I kept thinking “I want to be Elasti-Girl”. I could totally relate to her being pulled in a million different directions and I wished to have her ‘flexibility’ to handle it all. Working full-time and raising children meant I didn’t have time left over for my projects – not without something else going by the wayside.


And then, in October 2015 I created my own superpower: Sober Girl.


I had an on-again off-again relationship with alcohol that was mostly on. Alcohol had a seductive hold on me that I found I was no longer able to moderate. I spent way too much time deciding if I would have a drink, or have second drink and negotiating with myself about how often I would drink. It had become exhausting. I realized I was not enjoying the experience and it was no longer serving who I wanted to be. And so, one morning I woke up, walked into the living room and told my husband I was done – no more drinking. I worried what my friends would think and I wondered if I could really just stop. But then, an unexpected and powerful thing happened: when I stopped having wine or cocktails in the evenings I suddenly had hours to fill and loads of energy. Gone were the evenings that slipped by in the haze of a few glasses of wine; gone were the movies I saw only half of, falling asleep as the numbing effects of alcohol took over. I was sleeping better, waking up refreshed and vibrant, in fact I had so much energy I struggled with filling my time! I began to cook more, read more, listen to podcasts. I began a new routine where I walked every day after coming home from work.


Fast forward three years; my life looks very different these days. In the past 1095 days I have: gone back to school, completed by Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certification, opened a business, built a website, began a daily meditation practice and taught over 200 people about nutrition. I did this while continuing to work full-time and help raise my special-needs grandson. And, one thing that amazes me is that it didn’t just happen for me. The very day I decided to remove alcohol from my life I read a blog from a friend who in 5 months of sobriety wrote a book! My own nephew choose to go alcohol-free and started a business, a writing career and is now a published author!


In my work with clients, both in small groups and individuals, I see up close the subtle effect alcohol has in so many lives. Clients often tell me they don’t have time to cook meals or start an exercise routine or meditate for (gasp!) 10 minutes a day. I hear the laments of schedules and busyness and I wonder if they are robbing themselves of those extra hours of productivity without even realizing it. So, in honor of my three years of sobriety I invite you to explore your own relationship with alcohol and, if appropriate you can co-opt my Sober Girl, or Sober Dude  for your very own ;)


No more envying ‘Elastigirl’ I have my very own superpower!



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