Episode 4: Shellie Iossa on becoming bulletproof


Shellie Iossa grew up as an Army brat, living both in the U.S. and abroad (Berlin, Germany and Seoul, South Korea) with her family. After graduating with a degree in Communications in Jacksonville University, she pursued a career that included working in public relations and special events planning. In 2003, she took time to be a stay-at-home mom after a painful years-long struggle to become pregnant. While enjoying the life of busy mom and volunteer, she experienced the challenge of unwanted weight gain in her 40’s that decreased her self confidence and increased her love of wine. In 2016, she sought out resources to lose weight that led to her becoming a Coach for WW (Weight Watchers), the learnings from which helped her to ultimately take control of both her wellness and drinking in September 2020. She is at home  in Bernardsville, NJ with her husband and two kids who are in high school.




In today’s episode, Shellie shares how her decision to take a short 30 day break from drinking turned into a new sober lifestyle. As a weight loss coach, Shellie was shocked to discover the impact of drinking on all areas of wellness including our hunger hormones. During the 30 day Live Alcohol Experiment with This Naked Mind, Shellie began to feel better and look better and decided to keep going and recently celebrated 1year of alcohol freedom. Shellie shares about her relationship with her teenage daughter, how important it is to Act As If and how she now feels bulletproof!



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Joining the Live Alcohol Experiment 3:29

The Science that made the difference 7:57

Becoming ‘bulletproof’ 17:05

Setting a new example for her daughter 19:44

Looking forward 27:42

Act As If 39:00

Links/Resources Mentioned

The Live Alcohol Experiment (Nov. 2021) https://start.livealcoholexperiment.com/live-tae-fp-detail?affiliate_id=2106752

Shellie's IG account: wwcoach_shellie

WW (Weight Watchers) https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/

Interested in finding Shellie on WW: go to Coach Shellie I 

For an exclusive discount use codehttp://ww.com/joinme/388ACA3000

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