Shelly is a certified accountant and a part-time real estate agent living in the Seattle area. When Shelly recognized her drinking was interfering with living a whole and healthy life. she joined the Path, a This Naked Mind membership program. Shelly could not believe there was a program that started with ‘not trying to stop drinking’. On July 12th, she drank everything left in the house and decided to try one day alcohol-free. That was the beginning of Shelly’s new life where her 14 months of alcohol freedom have shown her how to live in alignment with her values and created an internal peace she didn’t know she was craving. Shelly credits not drinking with saving her marriage and with helping her conquer her second big domino, smoking. Shelly now recognizes the importance of community and believes in her own strength to continue creating an amazing life.



In this episode, Shelly and Teri talk about the very personal reason why she decided to change her relationship with alcohol and how she didn't know her last drink was her last. Shelly also shares the inspiring story of creating her own alcohol-free community and the symbolism of a hot air balloon.


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Time for a change 3:57

Alcohol was my best friend 6:14

No longer blaming my husband’ 10:08

Alcohol is Addictive 16:00

Building Community 33:28


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