Episode 1:   Welcome to The Sober Edge

Welcome to The Sober Edge - this is a place to be motivated, inspired and astounded by life on the other side of drinking! Listen in to your host Teri Patterson, Functional Nutritionist and This Naked Mind Senior Coach as she shares her passion about living life alcohol free. Whether you are sober curious, living an alcohol-free life or wondering if there is more to life than just going through the motions, this is the podcast for you. Discover practical tools to level up your life; explore tactics to drink less and live more; be inspired by real men and women sharing their stories of ditching booze and gaining a whole new life. Teri brings her experience from coaching thousands of people looking to make a change and wisdom gained from her own sober journey to help you create the life you truly want, where anything is possible!

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Details about the Podcast 1:55

The ‘missing piece’ 3:32

Teri’s Alcohol-free story 4:41

Keys to Making a change 7:40

Links/Resources Mentioned

The Sober Nutritionist website https://www.thesobernutritionist.com/


Free Guide: 5 Healthy Reasons to Take A Break https://www.thesobernutritionist.com/alcohol-free-guide

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