Hello, my name is Teri Patterson

I was exactly where you are right now...

I drank for fun, to socialize, to unwind, just like all the 'normal' drinkers. Alcohol showed up at dinner parties, baby showers and book club, I certainly didn't drink more than anyone else. And then, it changed. I found myself drinking every day, a glass of wine became 2-3, cocktails became a nightly ritual instead of the occasional indulgence. And the scary part? When I tried to cut back I failed. I was sure I could just moderate - only drink on the weekends, only have 1 glass of wine...I was a 'health nut' and a personal development junkie, of course I wasn't an 'alcoholic', or was I? After about 6 years of trying to cut back I woke to the fact that I was drinking more and enjoying it less. In fact, I found myself drinking despite NOT wanting to. Something had to change. 

On October 18, 2015 I woke up, slightly hungover and filled with an unknown anxiety, and I told my husband that I was going to stop drinking. I remember my voice trembling; I was scared. I had no idea what a life without alcohol would look like. I just knew that the voice in my head thinking about drinking, thinking about not drinking was exhausting.  And I did it - for me, when I let go of the idea of moderation, I created the mental space for change. And, the unknown fear was quickly replaced by the realization of how much alcohol had been holding me back. I was sleeping better, my gut health improved, my memory  improved, I had stamina. All of the healthy changes I had been trying to bring into my life were suddenly possible! I had so much time and energy that I enrolled in nutrition school  and became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner! Since 2016, I have been helping clients take a closer look at the connection between nutrition and alcohol and achieve the same transformation that I have experienced. In 2019 I became a This Naked Mind Certified Coach which has allowed me to help thousands of individuals explore how to make alcohol small and irrelevant and discover the meaning of 'true health'!

My deepest desire is to  take you on this same transformational journey.

I will teach you the how, why, and what of changing your relationship with alcohol so that you can embrace living your healthiest life.


Are you ready to...

  • Discover how good you can feel alcohol-free?
  • Improve your gut health, stamina, and mental clarity?
  • Show up with your whole self for you and your loved ones?
  • Create your a life you don't want to escape from?
  • Stop dreaming and start living the dream?
  • Improve your emotional, physical and mental well-being?
  • Start now?

I'm on your side - we can do this together!

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