Reflections on a New Year

I think it is no accident that our ‘new year’ comes in the dead of winter. A slow start to the new year with time to reflect and build, put down roots and ponder…and the ‘clean slate’.

LIFESTYLE / JAN 14, 2018

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolution: The Strategy of Habits

It’s mid-January – is your New Year’s resolution alive and well?


Does anyone else have a friend that seems to breeze through January with her list of ’10 things to accomplish in the New Year’ posted to her refrigerator cheerfully crossing them off one by one without breaking a sweat? And while we admire their discipline and encourage their new endeavors, there is that part of us that is just plain discouraged. How did they give up gluten, master meditation, and purge their closet down to a ‘capsule wardrobe’ in the first 14 days of the new year?

LIFESTYLE / DEC 31, 2016

One Healthy Habit for 2017

In keeping with the new year’s tradition, many of us will be making resolutions, setting goals and generally taking stock of where we are at. While January 1st is an arbitrary date, I do believe it is important to acknowledge each year how far we have come and where we want to continue to grow. As a certified nutritionist, I am often asked “what is the one thing I can do to be healthier?” Admittedly, there is more than one thing but, to play along with the new year, here is my one small change you can make for big results in the new year...


Teri Patterson



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